Natalia Adan Studio

Natalia Adan unveils the essence of her latest venture. Her journey to establishing the Studio is a testament to a rich tapestry of experiences garnered across the globe in the corporate arena, having contributed to major multinational corporations. Natalia infuses her fervent passion for people, her extensive travels, and a keen eye for innovation and technology into her work. This unique blend empowers her to masterfully craft spaces that not only embody elegance and environmental respect but also are marvelously functional, tailored just for you.

Natalia Adan, the founder of Natalia Adan Studio, talks about the inspiration behind the creation of her company

At the heart of the Studio lies our core philosophy: you are the focal point of our endeavors. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural, multilingual entity, united by a shared devotion to beauty and the transformative power of art. Our passionate team is committed to redefining your living spaces, ensuring that every creation reflects the sophistication and functionality that you deserve.

You are at the centre of our work

Getting positive energy from YOUR space

Beauty is important. Colours help defining the space, living without colour, is like living without love. Materials are sometimes the result of significant innovation efforts. Understanding this transformation is key for all our projects.

The environment plays an important part in defining the project:

  • Sources of energy
  • Natural light optimisation
  • Local materials
  • The power of local plants
  • Temperature
  • Windows & Doors

While keeping the clients’ needs and vision a priority, Natalia Adan Studio inspires and introduces you to new technologies, opportunities and ideas, making renovations an enjoyable experience.Designs are a harmonious combination of different styles, embedded in the urban or rural environment, bringing together elegance and comfort with perfect practicality.

A game changer when you live abroad and can’t travel to do this yourself. They took care of everything, kept me up to date, made decisions smoothly and quickly and what’s best, the time from conception to the finish line turned to be shorter than expected, which game me lots of flexibility
Charlotte Ariceta - Javea (Alicante)